Annual Scholarship Fund

In seeking to fulfill Birch Creek's educational mission, one of our highest priorities is building and maintaining a strong Financial Aid program through Scholarships. In 2013, more than $72,000 was awarded in scholarships to needy and worthy students annually, directly supporting 38.5% of the student body.

General Scholarships

Unrestricted gifts in any amount are welcome.

Named Scholarships

A gift of $2,000 names an annual scholarship as the donor chooses; e.g., "The John Smith Foundation Scholar." Birch Creek makes every effort for the donor to meet and get acquainted with the recipient of their scholarship during the student's two weeks at Birch Creek.

Restricted Scholarships

Gifts in this category are designated by the donor for a specific instrument, session, geographical region, or school, and can be for any amount.

A student writes:

Abigail"I would like to express my gratitude for your support of Birch Creek's Music Performance Center. Your contribution helped make it possible for me and many other students to enjoy the experience that Birch Creek offers to musicians.

"I am very grateful for the opportunity I had to be surrounded by professional musicians who helped enhance my musical skills. I was challenged and supported every step of the way, and I am excited to practice everything I learned.

"My time at Birch Creek was truly wonderful, and I hope to return next year. I believe music is a very powerful form of art and intrinsically important to society. As a budding musician, it means a lot to me to know that people like you care about the musical education of students."

~ Abigail Hughes, Harp, Symphony, 2013