Play it Forward
Program Support for
Every Birch Creek Student

Did you know...

At Birch Creek, we believe so strongly in the importance of music education that EVERY student automatically receives Play It Forward Program Support of $2,705 toward their tuition of $4,805.

Tuition $4,805
2017 Play it Forward Program Support: $2,705
Student/family's cost: $2,100


But for some families, even this generous support might not be enough.  Thus we offer additional partial assistance to students based on financial need, artistic merit, and the types of instruments we need to fill out a session.  This is why your generosity to the Play it Forward Program Support Fund is so critically important.  We want to ensure that our tuition fees are affordable to most families by covering the gap between the cost of educating a Birch Creek student and the family’s out-of-pocket costs, while also raising additional tuition assistance dollars to help those for whom even our subsidized tuition is a challenge.