Birchfellows Annual Operating Fund

A "Birchfellow" is a donor whose tax-deductible gift supports Birch Creek's Annual Operating budget. Each year, unrestricted "Birchfellow" donations promote student learning through faculty salaries, educational programs, program marketing, instrument rental, and student recruitment activities as well as helping to operate the campus.

Birchfellows Levels of Giving
Platinum $10,000 and above
Gold $2,500 to $9,999
Silver $1,000 to $2,499
Bronze $250 to $999
Friend $249 and under

pianistExamples of what your contribution can buy for Birch Creek students

  • $30 - purchase a music stand
  • $50 - provide headphones or music acquisition for the listening library
  • $100 - contribute toward music rental
  • $250 - help with instrument tuning and repair
  • $500 - help transport and tune the steelpans we borrow
  • $750 - support annual outreach in Door County public schools
  • $2,000 - name a faculty "chair" on an annual basis

A student writes:

"During the past summer I was given the wonderful opportunity to study at Birch Creek Music Performance Center. In life, experiences which leave a profound effect upon us tend to come around somewhat seldom. Birch Creek not only left a profound effect upon me as a musician and a person, but also left me with the feeling that my time spent there has perhaps altered my life. Birch Creek changes and affects its attendees in ways which are both astounding and unseen. For all Birch Creek Students, I would like to thank you for making a difference in our lives."

~ Robert Desotelle, Percussion, 2013