Annual Concert Sponsorship

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Concert sponsorships allow Birch Creek to continue attracting some of the finest musicians, performers, and scholars in the country, as well as providing our students with the invaluable experience of performing before live audiences. Sponsors may share costs with other individuals or businesses, and receive nightly publicity as well as complimentary tickets. Concert sponsorships range from $550 to $5,150.

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To inquire about available concert sponsorship dated for this year, contact the Development office by phone at (920) 868-3763 or by Email at

Join Us in Thanking Our Concert Sponsors

The concert sponsorship program helps Birch Creek underwrite the professional musicians who come to this campus each summer to teach and perform. Students, parents, audiences, volunteers, and staff join the Board of Trustees in thanking our concert sponsors. Please thank them, too, when you visit their businesses or see them next. Just a few of our concert sponsors are pictured below on the right, and all sponsors are listed with links to their businesses when links are available.

Great Northern Construction