Serving Our Students & Faculty

As a result of careful planning over several years, Birch Creek ‘s campaign has increased our capacity to serve our students and faculty and has met our current and future needs through the addition of:

The Rehearsal Center & Student Dorm

Juniper Hall, a large ensemble practice and performance space with ample instrument storage capacity for increased safekeeping and accessibility.

Rosenberg Hall, a classroom and large ensemble rehearsal space with attached patio for evening intermission performances.

Student Dormitory with sleeping space for 24 students, segregated restroom facilities, and a counselor room.

11 smaller practice rooms that provide much-needed space for small ensemble and individual practice.

The Maintenance Shop

Work and storage space for shop and garden equipment, heavy equipment, & stage risers previously stored in the barn loft.

The Faculty Dormitory

20 faculty sleeping rooms with a central work/computer/meeting area best described by faculy member Mike Lee:

"The new music facilities are incredible and add to the campus and the student experience in innumerable ways without detracting from the character of Birch Creek. Moreover, what strikes me as inexplicably generous has been the effort made to give us, the faculty, beautiful living quarters. It shows an appreciation for us that we rarely see as musical artists. I am humbled by this demonstration of generosity."

Mike Lee
Jazz I Faculty Member