Summer 2015 Application Forms

Students registering2015 Application Forms will be available November 10.

You may also receive materials by contacting the Registrar at (920) 868-3763 or emailing

For details and assistance, please see instructions files below. Instructions are also available on the Admission Procedure page.

Form File Type Details
2015 Student Brochure
PDF Informational color brochure (3.2 MB)
2015 Application Instructions
PDF All instructions and detailed audition guidelines for admission application
2015 Application Form   Required for Admission
Applicant Recommendation Form
  Print, or send a link to your teacher
Scholarship Procedure
PDF Instructions for Scholarship Application
Scholarship Form
  Optional - Required for Scholarship Applicants
Suggestions for Making Your MP3 Audition Recording
(1 page)
RTF Informational
For review by students uploading a digital Audition Recording
Suggested Symphony Repertoire Level
(1 page)
PDF Informational
For review by Symphony Session Applicants

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