What Symphony Students Say About Birch Creek

Orchestra Rehearsal"I studied viola at the Birch Creek Symphony Session for the second year in a row. After last year, I didn't think anything could top my experience, but this year it did! The viola section teacher, Mr. Mantell, is a great educator and also hilarious and fun. The knowledge we gain and the friendships we make are priceless.."
 --Annika Sundberg, Symphony student 2011-2012

"During the two-week Symphony session, I experienced many things that will stay with me for the rest of my life.  The repertoire was challenging and rewarding to play; it was representative of pieces that are studied and performed in the real world.  Rehearsing, performing, and conversing with professionals… taught me much about the lives and careers of world-class musicians."    --Johnny Duan, Symphony student 2008 and 2009

Symphony students"The key part of the whole experience for me was sitting side-by-side with the professionals, having lessons with them, and even practicing with them.  I learned not only musical things, but also musical etiquette, and got a peek into the professional music world."
      --Stevan Lukich,  Symphony student
2009 & 2010


"The people I met at Birch Creek were not only amazing musicians, but fantastic people.  They were helpful, encouraging, and intelligent.  The camaraderie that we shared was so special that I still stay in contact with them.  In fact, many of these people are now in youth orchestra with me, and applying to the same colleges."
      --Jacinda Ripley, Symphony student
2008 and 2009


What Faculty Members Say About Birch Creek

"I have been on Birch Creek's faculty for ten years.  The chance to work, teach and perform with outstanding and enthusiastic young people is definitely a highlight of each year for me.  To spend two weeks on a beautiful campus with high-quality faculty members in Door County is something special.  There are few other places that can offer students as much as Birch Creek does, and I'm truly honored to be included as a member of this fine musical and educational organization."
   --Ten-year Faculty Member

"The fact that there are only 2 weeks for the students to learn a huge amount of orchestral and chamber repertoire presents a big challenge to the faculty. We have to help the students focus on their efforts in order to get the best results in such a short period of time. We want them to get a sense of how quickly one has to learn music (and how to budget one's time) in the professional world."
      -- Matt Mantell, Viola Faculty Member