What Percussion & Steel Band Students Say About Birch Creek

Percussion students"This experience has helped me beyond words. It develops students as people and definitely helps students enhance themselves musically. Every second of this camp makes a positive impact on young lives."
   --Dillon Mansour, Percussion & Steel Band


"This family encourages personal growth and development.  It provides endless encouragement and understanding.  It does not judge but views each individual as an equal.  This is the family that has nurtured me and provided me with endless support in all situations.  This is the family that helped me realize my aspirations to teach, perform, and spread the love of music.  This is the family that I love.  I know that my feelings are the same for nearly every student who has passed through the glorious barn doors of Birch Creek."
   --Caly Crouch, Percussion & Steel Band 2006 -2009


"I loved how the program put us in the role of a performing musician - throwing difficult music at us, and then expecting us to perform it the next day.  This kind of hands-on experience is just not possible in a high school curriculum.  Birch Creek gives us a place to 'shine' and inspires us to continue with our music education into college and beyond."
   --Emilie Mitchell, Percussion & Steel Band 2008 -2010