What Jazz II Students Say About Birch Creek


"The faculty at Birch Creek was one thing that really made my experience fun and also educational. Being able to learn with these outstanding musicians in a real world music environment really opened my eyes to the world of professional musicianship. The friends I made and the experiences I had will be remembered for the rest of my life. Birch Creek is really something special."
   --Joseph Leaman Jazz II 2012 The two summers that I have spent at Birch Creek have been personally meaningful to me in many ways, both musically and socially. Having the opportunity to devote myself to jazz for two weeks in the middle of the summer with other kids who are just as passionate, playing a ton of big band music and combo tunes, jamming with many great musicians far from home, and building on relations with some of my fellow classmates, were but a few of the highlights."
   --Nickolas Kaplan Jazz II 2008-09

Harold Jones "The Birch Creek atmosphere truly made me blossom as a musician. I learned good technique as well as how to have professional integrity....  Birch Creek challenged me and allowed me to do things that I had no idea that I was capable of doing.  Not only did I learn how to play better, but also important life skills such as work ethic, organization, and discipline."
   --Caroline Cirone Jazz II 2006-09