What Jazz I Students Say About Birch Creek

Jazz student

"I had the opprotunity to play with 5 amazing musicians whom I had never met before that truly challenged me musically and forced me to re-examine my own playing. I will leave Birch Creek with an entirely different perspective on improvising simply because of the new musical challenge I was presented with."
   -- Jazz I Ambassador 2012


"The Birch Creek program was very welcoming and the staff was very supportive.  Although the music level was very high, the students and teachers were modest.  People came to Birch Creek to learn and enjoy music at its best.  I was especially impressed by the lack of competitiveness amongst the musicians and the way everyone worked together.  I was inspired time after time by the evening performances of the faculty band."
   --Yoav Trifman, Jazz I 2010 - Israel


"Birch Creek is a lot of fun, but be prepared for a lot of practicing and hard work.  That's part of what makes it such a good learning experience."
   --Michael Aitchison Jazz I 2009 & 2010


"The extraordinary caliber of Birch Creek's musical education only constitutes part of the program's magic, at least in my mind.  The ability to spend every hour (waking or otherwise!) completely surrounded by new friends who share my passion, college students who can give guidance from a relatable perspective, and professionals who can offer friendly quips and sage advice with equal ease is truly unlike anything I've ever experienced."   --Andy Quinn, Jazz I 2008